Kingfishers Community Kitchen

Concerned members of the local community have joined forces with Kingfishers at Cretingham Country Park to respond to the current situation in the most practical way possible.

About Us

Kingfishers Community Kitchen KCK - Concerned members of the local community have joined forces with Kingfishers at Cretingham Country Park to respond to the current situation in the most practical way possible. Driven by Paddy Bishopp, Peter Moorhouse and Kingfishers owner, Claire Thacker, they are intending to open their kitchen facilities to feed the most vulnerable and self isolated in the communities that surround them.

Our Team

Our team of chefs will be providing home cooked ready meals for all those in need and these will be delivered to the door for all those who cannot get out or are self-isolating. The target is the over 70’s, vulnerable individuals, financial hardship, self isolated households and front line NHS staff in the area.

Our Service

We will deliver subsidised frozen home cooked complete meals, delivering 7 meals per week (in one drop) at a cost of £25.00, including delivery. Orders will have to be taken over the phone or via email. Payment will be taken over the telephone.

Most importantly the service will be totally free to:

  • NHS and key front line workers

We will try to meet needs for meals wherever they arise in our local area but are focussing primarily on the following villages: Cretingham, Ashfield, Brandeston, Kettleburgh, Easton, Letheringham, Hoo, Charsfield, Monewden, Earl Soham, Saxtead, Dennington, Framsden and Otley.

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How You Can Help

To do this we are going to need your help, and here is how you can help us help our communities Are you...

Pubs & Restaurants

If you are an existing pub or restaurant that has had to close due to the current crisis:

We are asking you to donate any foods that are in your fridges, freezers or dry stores that you feel you can to the cause.

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General Public

If you are a person with time and could help:

We are asking you to donate your services, some of you may be trained in the kitchen, some may be able to help with washing up and others may be able to offer deliveries into the local community

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Help With Funding

If you are a member of the local community who feel you could donate financially:

We are looking for a group of individuals to help us fund this scheme for a period of three months, when hopefully we will see a change in the situation, if you feel you could give anything from £50 up to £500pcm for these three months this would enable us to move this scheme forward. Kingfishers will be part funding this to help our local community.

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Help With Promotion

If you are an advertising agency, media group or local influencer:

We would ask you to promote this scheme into our local communities.

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Our Supporters

We would like to thank the following supporters for being the driving force behind this project:

Claire and Matthew Thacker

Kingfisher @ Cretingham Country Park Owners – Co-ordinating the whole project

Mark Blatchford

Head Chef at Kingfisher who will not only use his cooking skills but also make sure all food follows strict health and safety and hygiene rules. He will manage all volunteers.

Peter and Judy Moorhouse

Donations, Logistics and Volunteers

Paddy Bishopp

Marketing, on-line and PR

All suppliers have done all work free of charge:


Website Design and on-line Marketing


Logo Design


Duck, Chicken and Meat Supply

We can only manage this with an army of healthy volunteers so if you have the time and energy we need support in the following areas:

  • Drivers
  • Leaflet Drops
  • Reception (order taking)
  • Kitchen Workers including chefs and washer uppers.

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Sign Up

Please fill in your details in the below form and we will be in contact to organise your delivery. Please note that the meals received will be based on what ingredients are available, hence why no menu is available. All we ask is that in the form you list your allergens.

Please note: that in the early stages of this project delivery is guaranteed within 7 days, we will in time have a delivery day system based on which area you live in. We will update you on all progress in this area.


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Open Monday,Wednesday, Friday 08.00 – 12.00